• With: Dick Morris

    MORRIS: Absolutely.

    VAN SUSTEREN: ... the ACLU can go out and watch and monitor them.

    MORRIS: Absolutely.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I don't care, you know, left, right, everybody. But it's the idea that the oldest democracy is being sort of -- I -- I -- you know, I...

    MORRIS: Put on trial.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I'm troubled by that. I -- I don't like the idea of foreigners coming in and checking on our -- our -- make sure we can vote.

    MORRIS: By the way, Greta, I wanted to mention -- I don't know if you're going to cover Benghazi in this show, but the -- one of the guys who died, one of the former SEALs, is -- was a man named Ty Woods and he leaves a widow and a 3-month-old baby behind. And at Dickmorris.com, you can find the address for his memorial site.

    We've raised $120,000 for the widow and the baby. And please go on that site. Because he retired from the SEALs a year ago, the SEALs do not pay him the death benefit they normally do, and we want to make sure this kid goes to college.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Well, we are, indeed -- in fact, most of the rest of this show is going to be about Benghazi, Dick.

    MORRIS: Good.

    VAN SUSTEREN: So that's a great plug for me. So thank you, Dick. And thank you for joining us.

    MORRIS: Thank you. Thanks a lot.