• With: Newt Gingrich

    And nobody went in -- and John Kerry I think probably, who's a pretty good debater -- nobody broke through the shell and said to him, you know, This is going to be one on one, and frankly, you're in real danger of having somebody kick your tail and you better go in there at full speed because Mitt Romney -- people forget Romney went to the Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School in parallel at the same time.

    This is a smart, hard-working, disciplined person. And he wants to be president. And he looked the other night like a guy who wants to be president. And Obama looked a little bit like George H.W. Bush in 1992 looking at his watch. And you had the sense from Obama that, oh, if you want to make him president again, he'll be glad to serve, but it's not a big deal.

    His closing was -- was verged on pathos. I mean, if you watch his closing -- you know, they say, you know, It's your turn, and he kind of goes, Well, you know, I said four years ago I wouldn't be perfect, and I guess Governor Romney would agree I haven't been perfect and -- but you know, I -- there are a lot of things I'd like to do, if you'd like me to do them.

    I mean, look at the body language and the tone and the lack of energy in that closing statement. This is a guy who's been beaten. He knows he's been beaten and he just wants to get off stage.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Mr. Speaker, thank you, sir.

    GINGRICH: Good to be with you.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Nice to see you.