• With: Newt Gingrich

    VAN SUSTEREN: Why would Senator Harry Reid not want a budget put on the table to at least begin the discussion?

    GINGRICH: Well, I think there are two reasons. First of all, I think the Senate has not produced a budget in something like 900 days. So they've gone almost three years now without a budget.

    I think what happened was that their budget committee chairman, a Democrat, found out that he couldn't -- literally could not produce a budget. He could not get a majority of the Democrats to agree to bring anything forward, and they just collapsed in failure.

    And I think the problem they've got is that the spending cuts that they would need are unacceptable to one wing of the Democratic Party and the tax increases that the liberals want are unacceptable to another wing of the Democratic Party, and so they've simply melted down.

    So what you now have is a serious, responsible budget by Paul Ryan, something which is really a remarkable achievement. You have an Obama sort of fantasy wish list budget. And you have nothing from the Senate Democrats.

    And I think this will be one of the items which leads the Senate Democrats to be defeated this fall. When I go around the country, I find a very large majority of the American people want us to get back to the kind of balanced budget we had when I was speaker. They're very eager to see us get Washington under control. And the Senate Democrats, in a sense, are eliminating themselves from serious consideration as part of the government.

    VAN SUSTEREN: But isn't that sort of part of the job? I mean, I'm not saying that anyone should agree with the Republican budget...

    GINGRICH: Yes.

    VAN SUSTEREN: ... or the -- or the president's budget, but -- I mean, isn't it sort of in the job description that you actually do your work to help be a steward...

    GINGRICH: Yes.

    VAN SUSTEREN: ... for our economy and our -- and our government? So I'm having a really hard time understanding how everyone goes off on a two- week vacation right now, and that budget in the Senate -- there's nothing from which anyone can debate or negotiate, agree with or disagree with. It just stops dead.

    GINGRICH: Look, a strong president who cared about a balanced budget would call the Senate back into a special session and would say to them, You're not going home until you produce a budget. And they could make it stick. And the country would side with the president.

    The average American is going to be very uncomfortable knowing that their Democratic senator, as part of a group, can't even write -- whether it's a good budget or a bad budget, they can't even write a budget. And I think that disqualifies them from contending to try to govern this country. I think it's a very serious mistake on their part.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Mr. Speaker, thank you. And I hope you wander down highway 41 to Appleton.

    GINGRICH: Thank you.

    VAN SUSTEREN: It's only about 25 miles away.

    GINGRICH: All right. Come and join us in Green Bay sometime.

    VAN SUSTEREN: I will. Thank you, sir.