• With: Donald Trump

    TRUMP: Well, people use that and they say that, but you know, that's sort of more of a -- I think it's just verbiage. It's really nothing. It's not going to happen. But certainly, a simplification is what this country needs because it's too complicated.

    VAN SUSTEREN: One of my colleagues, Griff Jenkins, says you got to ask Donald Trump this. I said, OK, I will. He said, He said that he -- that he's not likely to run for president, not completely thrown it out, but at least you told us no pretty much. But Griff wants to know, what about vice president? Because all these people coming up to talk to you -- would you consider the nod as vice president on the ticket?

    TRUMP: Well, you know, it's interesting, they do come up, and I've really developed some friendships, I think, over this, and I have a lot of respect for a lot of the people I've seen. The fact is, I represent millions and millions of people that don't want to see this country ripped off. We're just being ripped off by so many other nations.

    And they talk about education. They talk about all of these things, but the fact is, we can never be great again if OPEC is going to raise prices of oil. You know, they sit around a table and they raise the price of oil every time the economy gets a little bit better, and it drives the economy to get worse.

    And China and so many nations -- we don't make good deals. You know, in the good old days, in the good old days, we made all good deals. We were the smart ones. Now we're the dummies. We have leadership that's not smart, and we're the dummies sitting around the table.

    Everybody makes good deals against the United States, and that has to stop. So what I said -- and I represent a lot of people, and that's why people want my endorsement because I think I do have millions of people with me in that way -- they're smart. The public is smart. They see what's happening to our country. And if we choose the right person, I am all for it and I will be the happiest guy in the world. And intend to endorse somebody I believe.

    But if we don't, if we choose somebody that's not right, and if the economy continues to be bad, which I think it will because we have leadership that doesn't know what it's doing, I would certainly consider running as an independent, yes.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, that's running as an independent. Suppose that -- suppose someone's nominated who you really admire and think is a strong candidate, and that person says, Donald, I'd like you to be my vice president. Is that something you would consider?

    TRUMP: Well, it's so far-fetched right now. You know, you know me. And you've been over in my office and you know I love what I do. I've done it really well, just about better than anybody, and I'm having great years in business. And I love business and many other people love business. But it's hard to do business nowadays because of rules, regulations. I mean, so many different obstacles are put in front of the United States businessperson.

    So I just love what I'm doing. I don't see that happening. I think I'd do a good job. I tell you what. Our country wouldn't be ripped off any longer. It would be -- those days would be over. But I don't see that happening.

    I mean, they'll pick some very good political guy, hopefully, the right person. You know, people don't tend to vote for the vice president, as you know. Hopefully, some great person gets the nomination and can take this country back from Obama because he's destroying the country.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, but you say you've got, you know, millions of people who support you. So actually, I mean, you know, it might be an unusual time -- you know, this might be an unusual choice to get a businessperson like yourself. But if you've got -- you know, you might help the ticket if you've got the millions of people.

    TRUMP: You know, Greta, I don't think they support me, I think they support my ideas. They know what I'm saying and they're tired of seeing what's happening.

    If you look at today's newspapers, you'll see -- I mean, I don't -- it's inconceivable, but tremendous amounts of money go to China. We're supporting China and subsidizing things that are taking place in China.

    Now, who would believe this when they're making trillions of dollars and we're losing trillions of dollars and we're supporting China? Who would believe this? Then you get into the car that's made in Finland and you get into the solar, where they put up $535 million. This is tremendous amounts of money!

    And -- and it's -- it's weeks later, the loan is wiped out, weeks later! What are we doing this for? So people see what I say. And I don't think they support me, I think they support my ideas.

    VAN SUSTEREN: All right, you're you are probably the only person who could squeeze a dime out of Qaddafi. You got...

    TRUMP: I did, indeed. I did, indeed.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Indeed, you did. And so I wondered whether -- what your thoughts are as we look at what's been going on in Libya with Qaddafi dead and there's a controversy, of course, as to, you know, how he died. I just want to get your thoughts on what's going on there.

    TRUMP: Well, you know, in this country, where we've become so weakened and so pathetic and so politically correct, and you always say, Oh, did you read his rights? Did you read her rights? Oh, it's -- and here's a guy gets two bullets through the head. There were no rights read to Mr. Qaddafi.

    I will say, though, if you take Libya and you look at what's going on with Libya -- we spent over a billion. They say a billion. That means many times more than that. What do we get out of it? What do we get? You have absolute radicals taking the country. They've taken the shoulder missiles which are very, very dangerous and horrible. Thousands of them are now gone. The arsenals are empty. We have no idea where that stuff went.

    You look at what's going on in Libya. China gets their oil from Libya. We don't get oil from Libya. We spend all of this money, and it's going to be worse than Qaddafi! At least he had control over his weapons. He had control over the country. I think what's going in there is going to be worse.

    And you know what? When you look at him -- I don't care -- I couldn't care less for Qaddafi, but when you look at the way they treated him -- I mean, these are the people that we're going to be dealing with. Do you think we really made a bargain there? We spent billions of dollars. We got nothing.

    Now, what I said, and I think it's 100 percent correct, when the so- called rebels -- you know, nice glamorous term like from "Gone With the Wind" -- when the so-called rebels were being routed five months ago, just routed -- it was over, Qaddafi had won -- they came to us and they said, We need help, we need help. We could have said to them, We're going to give you help, but we want 50 percent of your oil for the next 25 years.

    You know what they would have said? How about 75 percent of the oil? We'll give you that, too. And we would have said, Thank you very much. What do we get out of it? We get nothing! We get nothing!

    So you know, people talk about like Libya is a victory. Libya is not a victory. I think it's a disaster. But why didn't we ask for things when they were being routed? It was over. And you know, when they fight, sure, they fought, but we go into the areas, we bomb the hell out the people that they're fighting, and then they walk in and they take all the credit. Isn't that wonderful?

    The fact is, we should have asked for their oil. We should have asked for certain safeguards. We asked for nothing! All we did, Greta, is we went in, we spent billions of dollars bombing people and then they go in, they raise their flag like they're great soldiers. Give me a break. We are very -- we are being led by very, very stupid people!

    VAN SUSTEREN: Donald, as always, thank you. Hope to talk to you next week.

    TRUMP: Thank you very much, Greta. Bye.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Thanks, Donald.