• With: Rep. Darrell Issa


    ISSA: But part of what we were doing -- and Greta, I know you have a strong history as an attorney. We wanted to interview that agent without that agent knowing what we knew. Ultimately, we've been denied that. We were delaying that evidence and that interview out of deference to the ongoing prosecutions. But ultimately, we were betrayed by the Justice Department delivering it to that agent so that we no longer get a fair right to have an interview where we know things that that person doesn't.

    VAN SUSTEREN: One quick question. Is this -- I mean, let me use the word that we all want. It is a coverup?

    ISSA: Ultimately, when you delay and deter us getting to the facts, it's a coverup. It's one that can be remedied, but so far, we see no willingness by Attorney General Holder to tell his people to cooperate. Just the opposite. We're still being stonewalled.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Which is so foolish because, you know, if it's ultimately going to come out, when you look like you're stonewalling, if you're dragging your feet, I mean, it begins to look so much bigger than it is and you begin to look like you're doing everything to cover it up.

    ISSA: Exactly right. If this had been quickly explained, including people taking the fall, if you will, for what they've done wrong at the highest levels, this would have been a story that would never have gotten traction. Today it's got international traction, and it shouldn't because, ultimately, it was so stupid that people should have quickly said, We shouldn't have done it, we're sorry and heads will roll. Just the opposite. We think there's protections of people at the top.

    VAN SUSTEREN: Congressman, thank you, sir.

    ISSA: Thank you, Greta.