• With: Joe Rago, Kim Strassel, Dan Henninger, Bret Stephens

    STRASSEL: A miss to the fast-food walkouts that happened in 100 cities on Thursday, arranged by big labor, and done mostly so the president had something to talk about other than ObamaCare. It could talk about the minimum wage. But here's the cruel joke of that. The biggest issue facing most minimum-wage fast-food workers is ObamaCare because their hours are being cut so that companies will not be crushed by this bill. So now in order to change focus from that, we're also now talking about a minimum wage that would make it harder for them to get a job in the first place.

    GIGOT: OK.


    RAGO: Paul, I don't know if anybody at home is watching us on a $45,000 TV, but that's now an option.


    Just in time for Christmas, Samsung has put out --



    RAGO: -- a 45-inch ultra-high-end, ultra-high-definition television controlled by voice and hand gestures. That's more than a college education, a year of college education, or a car or even many American's income. But if you're frugal, $5,000 off on amazon.com.


    GIGOT: All right, thanks, Joe.

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