• Another Plane Crash..

      Another plane has disappeared. An Air Algerie flight went off radar over West Africa. It has more than 110 on board. Amy Kellogg and Jonathan Hunt reporting.

      The FAA has lifted its ban on American flights to Israel.. as the topic becomes controversial. The attempts at a cease fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza have apparently ended in failure as Hamas says it won't stop bombing Israel until a blockade of Gaza is lifted. Israel says 2000 rockets have been lobbed at Israeli civilians. Meantime, the death toll from both sides now approaching 750.

      Another plane full of remains has left Eastern Ukraine for the Netherlands. The EU is meeting today to consider further sanctions on Russia over it's possible role in the downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane over Eastern Ukraine that left more than 290 dead.

      Acting VA Secy Sloan Gibson is testifying again today this time before a House VA Committee hearing.

      There's also a hearing today of the House Rules Committee which is marking up the Boehner lawsuit language. House Speaker John Boehner is suing President Obama over executive overreach. Doug McKelway reporting.

      We get weekly jobless claims numbers today as well as more earnings reports from some of the biggest companies in America.

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