• Tuesday March 27, 2012 Happening Now

      Today is going to be a huge day at the Supreme Court.. when the justices get to the meat of the health care overhaul case. Today we get an examination of the individual mandate.. that's the part of the law requiring Americans to buy health insurance. You can expect fireworks inside the landmark building.. Shannon Bream will run out after arguments are over and hopefully join us at the top of the Noon to tell us what went down.

      1230EDT -- Members of the Attys Gen's exec panel hold media avail on the Supreme Court Health Law Hearing at the Eastern Senate Swamp Stakeout Location. Senate GOP Ldr McConnell, Sens Cornyn, Johanns and Rubio, TX Atty Gen Greg Abbott, FL Atty Gen Pam Bondi, NE Atty Gen Jon Bruning, and SC Atty Gen Alan Wilson participate. LIVE

      1300EDT -- Hand off my Health Care Rally. Thousands of Americans for Prosperity and coalition activists. Speakers include Reps. Ryan and Bachmann, Sens. Toomey, Paul, and DeMint, and others. At Upper Senate Park. LIVE

      Interesting hearing on Capitol Hill today as the head of cyber security for the U.S. - Keith Alexander - testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the possibility of cyber attack on the nation's power grid. Catherine Herridge on that story.

      Pretty quiet on the campaign trail today:



      1500EDT -- Speaks at Salisbury Univ in the Great Hall, Salisbury, MD. LIVE via LiveU

      RON PAUL

      No events planned


      2235EDT -- Appears as guest on The Tonight Show. NBC OFF-AIR


      1230EDT -- Holds rally at the Elks Lodge #1540, Beaver Dam, WI. LIVE

      1900EDT -- Holds rally at The Armory, Janesville, WI. FNC TAPE

      President Obama met with Pakistan's prime minister today acknowledging that there are some severe strains between Pakistan and the U.S. This comes as new polling suggests Americans are losing hope in Afghanistan. President Obama wrapped up his trip to Seoul, South Korea. He's coming back to the U.S. right now.

      Pope Benedict the XVI will be in Havana, Cuba today to meet with President Raul Castro and possible Fidel Castro.