• With: Judy Miller, Cal Thomas, Jim Pinkerton, Ellen Ratner

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    JON SCOTT, HOST OF "FOX NEWS WATCH": On "Fox News Watch," new images of an eight-year old story as Israel defends its citizens from attacks by Hamas. Reporters from around the world move in to tell the story, but are their reports biased to fit an agenda?


    REP. MARCIA FUDGE, D-OHIO, CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS CHAIRWOMAN: There's a clear - in my opinion, a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments that are being made by, unfortunately, Senator McCain and others.

    SCOTT: Democrats in the liberal media play the race card, calling Republican criticism of ambassador Rice racist and sexist, is this new spin working in the coverage?

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you.

    SCOTT: President Obama gets his second term as the media pour on the positive press to push for his win. New details are out. And Joe Biden is back making news.

    VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: We've got a homeboy in the deal who gets it.


    SCOTT: On the panel this week, writer and Fox News contributor Judy Miller, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas. Jim Pinkerton, contributing editor, The American Conservative Magazine, and Talk Radio news bureau chief Ellen Ratner. I'm Jon Scott, "Fox News Watch," is on right now.


    VICTORIA NULAND, STATE DEPARTMENT: We've been extremely clear about our concern for Israel's security, about the fact that Israel has a right to self-defense, but I'm not going to go further than that.

    MATT LEE, AP REPORTER: Why -- why can't you say that you don't agree with the Turks?

    NULAND: Because I'm not going to get into a public spinning match with allies on either side, we are just not going to do that. OK?

    LEE: And do you think that that's worse, the public spinning match with one of your allies is worse than hundreds of people dying every day.

    NULAND: I don't understand the question here, there's not a question here, you're just looking for a fight, let's go.

    LEE: No, ma'am, the fight is already on.

    NULAND: Yes. Absolutely.

    LEE: It's going on over there.

    NULAND: Absolutely.

    LEE: And you guys by refusing to say anything about what you're trying to do or refusing to say whether you agree or disagree with comments that are being made by your allies or others...

    NULAND: We....

    LEE: That makes things worse, not better.

    NULAND: We, of course, agree that rhetorical attacks against Israel are not helpful at this moment.

    LEE: OK.

    NULAND: Is that what you were looking for, Matt?

    LEE: Yes. Thank you.


    SCOTT: That's Victoria Nuland, a spokeswoman for the U.S. State Department getting hammered by AP reporter Matt Lee, who wanted more of a response to this statement from the prime minister of Turkey. It read, "Those who speak of Muslims and terror side by side are turning a blind eye when Muslims are massacred en masse. For this reason I say that Israel is a terrorist state and its acts are terrorist acts." So, we had that face-off at the State Department, Jim, and there was more of it. I mean we only showed about a third of that actual exchange. Was the reporter right to be pushing her in that way?



    PINKERTON: He was expressing his opinion. But look, the State Department's in a hard spot here. I mean, Turkey is a NATO ally, and I don't agree that Israel is a terrorist state, and I'm sure Hillary Clinton and the State Department don't either, but the way the camera makes it look, she's sort of on the -- Nuland is on the defensive, and she's got her job to do with 150 state world capitals watching. I -- it was a little bit of an ambush on the State Department.

    SCOTT: A pretty amazing statement, I think, from the Turkish prime minister, how did the media react?

    JUDY MILLER, WRITER & FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it was unbelievably -- it was almost no reaction. I mean, I read that statement, and I said now I'm going to wait for the article that says Turkey has just disqualified itself as an intermediator, as a mediator in this conflict. I didn't see that statement. I didn't see that story. It's really amazing the way Turkey is -- remains undercovered in the American media.

    ELLEN RATNER, BUREAU CHIEF, TALK RADIO NEWS SERVICE: You know, I had exactly the same reaction as you did, and what was even more amazing is why didn't anybody do a story that compared what Turkey said about Israel with what Turkey has said about Syria, or not said. And there was none of that. It was really quite -- the silence was deafening.

    SCOTT: Here we go all over again, Cal. I mean the conflict in that part of the world never seems to end. Things appear to be relatively peaceful. Then all of a sudden, you get Hamas launching rockets, you get Israel responding and you know, you get a peace deal like was brokered on Wednesday, and then everything seems to cycle all over again.

    CAL THOMAS, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: I wrote a column this week titled "Groundhog Day." I think the application is very similar to that movie where Bill Murray gets up every morning and repeats the previous day. But look, remember, the height of positive media coverage for Israel was 1976. Our bicentennial July Fourth when the Israeli commandos went into Entebbe Airport in Uganda to rescue 100 Israeli citizens from Palestinian-friendly terrorists. It was the editorial comments, the news coverage extremely positive. In years subsequently, it has unraveled. And Israel is now portrayed in much of the major media, especially CNN, BBC, as the aggressor, as the predator nation, and the poor Palestinians and Arabs is the victims.

    SCOTT: Yeah, what about that? Is the coverage sympathetic to Palestinians and Hamas?

    RATNER: You know, I will probably be a little different than everybody here on the panel, particularly when it relates to that photo that was shown in The Washington Post where they had the picture of the Palestinian with the dead baby and then they showed the competing picture was Israelis in the bomb shelter. I didn't get as offended by that as other people did in terms of saying that "The Washington Post" was being more towards the Palestinians. I didn't, I didn't see this.