• With: Judy Miller, Alan Colmes, Jim Pinkerton, Richard Grenell

    GRENELL: Too bad they didn't take the donation.

    MILLER: I think it was fair game to hold Governor Romney accountable for his pledge to cut the FEMA budget by 40 percent if he becomes president. That is fair game.

    COLMES: And he's flip-flopped on that ...

    PINKERTON: That is not what he said.

    COLMES: Yeah, that's not what he said.

    PINKERTON: He said -- cut domestic spending and then yes, help the people like the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities are liberal think tanks -- oh, that means he is going to cut FEMA by 40 percent.

    COLMES: What he actually said was he would like to privatize it...

    GRENELL: No, he didn't.

    COLMES: Yes, he did.

    MILLER: Yes, he did.


    COLMES: He said the best choice would be -- in Citizen 2011 ...

    GRENELL: He said it's always better...

    COLMES: In November 2011 in one of the debates, he said the best option would be to privatize it.

    GRENELL: No, he didn't. He said it's always better if you get the money back to the state.

    COLMES: And a better option would be to private it.

    GRENELL: A better option would be.

    COLMES: Right. Exactly.

    GRENELL: Now, this is talking about relief for people. What we're seeing in Staten Island and New Jersey is becoming true. FEMA and the Red Cross and others are doing a terrible job.

    SCOTT: All right.

    COLMES: Romney has gotten it done. He's getting ...


    SCOTT: We have to leave it there. More News Watch ahead. First, if you see something that you feel shows evidence of media bias, tweet us. "Fox News Watch" on Twitter.

    Up next, the media gears up for Tuesday's big election.


    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Election day looms as candidates make the last ditch effort to reach voters and the media make a last ditch effort to prop up their man. That is next on NEWS WATCH.



    PRESIDNET OBAMA: You elected me in 2008 ...


    OBAMA: And that's why I'm running for a second term as President of the United States of America.


    MITT ROMNEY, REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: There is no question in my view that -- that we really can't have four more years like the last four years. I know that the Obama folks are chanting four more years, four more years, but our chant is this: Five more days! Five more days ...



    SCOTT: Well, it's down to three more days now until the election. The candidates pulling out all of the stops this week doing everything they can to try to win support and get their message out to voters, also competing for media attention. Jim, I'm guessing that you have some thoughts on who the media wants to win this race.

    PINKERTON: Well, I do, actually. But I want to just -- I've been so much critical of the press on this show over the years, but I want to single out USA Today on Friday for calling out what I think has been the worst ad of this campaign season, which is the ad that the Obama campaign ran against Romney, said, quote, "not one of us" unquote. And that is completed loaded language. One of us, not one of us, going back to the racially segregated South. If -- I think it's fair to say if Romney used that on Obama he would have been destroyed by the media, instead Obama uses it on Romney and USA Today to its credit did flag it. However, the mainstream media to its discredit, let the thing go -- it's about the only incidence I can find of anybody in the mainstream really criticizing this horrible act...

    COLMES: Don't you think that's because if you see basically a white media or a white establishment saying a black guy is not one of us, it's got a different kind of feel to it than saying it about a white guy?

    PINKERTON: Well, I think, look, they are clearly trying to say Romney is not one of us. And fair is fair. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. It can't -- you can't have it both ways.