• With: Cal Thomas, Ellen Ratner, Kirsten Powers, Jim Pinkerton


    PINKERTON: There are a few challenges.



    PINKERTON: I'll let Ellen --


    RATNER: No, you go. You go.

    PINKERTON: I was going to say, he's under house arrest in Britain. This is going to be little bit of a challenge to make this a show from some --


    PINKERTON: -- British estate.

    RATNER: First of all, it's only 10 one-half-hour programs. I have to be honest. I share an office with Thom Hartmann, who does a show on RT, so I want to be open about that.

    Look, we are talking about the Kremlin. But we have -- we have backed -- we have backed shows by Al Jazeera, et cetera, and nobody -- they've sort of now come in and become part of the media establishment.

    PINKERTON: When did we back a show from Al Jazeera?

    RATNER: No, what I'm saying is -- not we backed it, but they are now considered part of the legitimate media. How do we know, after a period of time, that RT is --?

    POWERS: Yes, but Al Jazeera is not -- I mean, the Russian government is like murdering journalists. I don't think Al Jazeera is in the same category as that. I think that if you're going -- if I was Julian Assange, he should be concerned, based on his history, that he could do something to upset them.

    SCOTT: We have to take a break.


    Up next, some key moments from the State of the Union caught on camera.


    SCOTT: There are always some interesting moments in the State of the Union address that grab media attention.

    On Tuesday night, cameras and mics caught Mr. Obama telling Secretary of Defense to Leon Panetta, "Good job tonight." Of course, later, details came out about the successful rescue of an American and her Danish co-worker held hostage in Somalia. The mission, another success for U.S. Special Forces.

    The next big moment came when the president gave a big hug to courageous Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who survived a gunshot to the head a little more than a year ago. Ms. Giffords resigned from Congress in an emotional ceremony Wednesday.

    All cameras and attention then focused on the president's speech. But before his arrival, the media kept a watchful eye on the vice president, giving big shout outs to his friends in the room, enjoying his time standing up in front of all his peers, hanging out with the speaker of the House --


    -- keeping it loose, telling jokes. Buzzfeed.com says photos like these prove Joe Biden is the ‘drunk uncle of the United States.’


    That is a wrap on “News Watch” this week.

    Thanks to Ellen Ratner, Jim Pinkerton, Cal Thomas and Kirsten Powers.

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