• Sunday, November 20 at 9 p.m. ET

    Hosted by Bill Hemmer with reports from Amy Kellogg and Eric Shawn

    It is a nightmare scenario -- Iran armed with nuclear weapons.

    While Tehran insists its nuclear ambition is strictly for civilian purposes, others contend their intentions will ultimately change an entire region.

    This Fox News investigative special looks at the hard facts, going beyond the speculation into the evidence of Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program. We take you inside a shadowy world of murder, cyber-warfare, nuclear physics and old fashioned smuggling.

    And we reveal never before seen documents detailing the role of Pakistani nuclear proliferator A.Q. Khan in Iran's nuclear weapons program. In a Fox News exclusive, we present documents, photos and a dramatic confession letter Khan wrote to his wife, detailing how he sold nuclear weapon materials to Libya, North Korea and Iran.

    How close is Iran to completing a nuclear bomb? Tune in this weekend, as Bill Hemmer hosts Fox News' explosive investigation: "Iran's Nuclear Secrets."