• Fox News Reporting: Stealing Your Vote

    By Fox News

    Sun., May 20 at 9 p.m. ET

    Hosted by Eric Shawn

    With the presidential election just months away, Fox News Reporting shows voter fraud is still rampant and there are people and forces determined to steal elections.

    Eric Shaw has been on this story for years. In this brand-new Fox News exclusive, he uncovers brazen vote fraud schemes across the country and investigates the charges and counter-charges leveled in a number of high-profile elections:

    • Fraud and the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Crying foul or crying wolf?

    • Did illegal voting by felons in 2008 give President Obama a filibuster-proof Senate majority?

    • The ugly battle over voter ID laws: Do they stop illegal ballots or keep minorities from the polls?

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Fox News Reporting: Stealing Your Vote

By Fox News