Delta-obsessed couple celebrate with airline-themed wedding

Love was seriously in the air for two Delta Air Lines superfans, who recently tied the knot in a Delta-themed wedding.

As Memphis, Tenn. couple Bess Wohlner and Jeremy Simons prepared to say “I do” in February, the Diamond Medallion members ultimately couldn’t resist paying homage to their favorite carrier on the big day.

delta wedding

The pair chose navy and red as their wedding colors, in a salute to the carrier.  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)

"I actually told him I'd rather have Diamond Status than the diamond ring,” Wohler told Delta News Hub of their nuptials. Fortunately, her groom thoroughly agreed. Simons grew up in a family with “strong Delta loyalty” and felt that choosing one airline to “vow” miles to as a business traveler was "like deciding I would marry Delta."


delta wedding

"I actually told him I'd rather have Diamond Status than the diamond ring."  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)

According to the carrier, the couple met in 2009 in rabbinical school, and often traveled out of Delta's Los Angeles hub for assignments. Sparks began to fly when Wohler took a “mileage run” with Simons, flying “from one Delta city to the next” to earn SkyMiles. After 47 hours “spent making two laps around the States without ever leaving an airport,” Simons knew she was special.

delta wedding

No inch of the wedding was spared from the Delta theme.  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)

They went separate ways for a few years and serendipitously met again on the same flight from New York to Tel Aviv. They picked up right where they left off.

"I knew it was love when he handed off one of his upgrades and delivered his first class meal to me from the front of the plane," the bride recalls.

Reconnecting and soon getting engaged, Wohler and Simons knew that there was only one way to announce the big news — they sent out Delta-approved “Diamond Status” save the date cards and the airline was dubbed the motif for their ceremony and reception.


When the big day arrived, nearly every element was Delta-centric. Guests were welcomed to Memphis with Delta’s first class amenity kits, and the bride and groom walked down the aisle on a branded airline mat, “as if strolling through SkyPriority.” The wedding ceremony was officiated by a fellow Delta Medallion who flew on airline's inaugural A350 flight in October 2017.

delta wedding

Seating assignments were sorted by "bag tags."  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)

The wedding party sported navy blue dresses and yarmulkes (in a nod to the airline’s signature shade), and partygoers were seated with bag tags. Fare was served on Delta-branded dinnerware, the newlyweds even ate their cake on beverage carts – which they own. Later in the reception, guests enjoyed a photo booth with an green screen simulating the interior of a plane cabin and posed with oxygen masks on decommissioned business seats from the couple's living room.

delta wedding

Dessert arrived at the reception on beverage carts, which the couple personally own.  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)

delta wedding

The Biscoff-flavored cake followed a meal on Delta-branded table ware.  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)


delta wedding

The newlyweds celebrated their vows by trotting the globe - on their favorite carrier, of course.  (Paige Miller/Delta News Hub)

Unsurprisingly, the couple honeymooned by jet setting to Scotland, Amsterdam, Sri Lanka, Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, Seattle, among others, of course, on their favorite carrier.

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