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Courtney Sixx Shares 6 Tips for Turning Your Bedroom Into a Seductive Lair


 (Associated Press)

If you’ve been thinking about heating things up in the bedroom, you may want to take some advice from this rock-star wife.

Courtney Sixx has been making heads turn since she got her start as a Wilhelmina model at age 17, but these days, the brunette beauty is pursuing her other passion: transforming homes into a luxurious havens. The wife of Motley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is also the glamorous muse behind lifestyle brand, where she's teaching her tricks for fun with décor without breaking the bank.

So, who better to ask about transforming the ol’ bedroom into a seductive lair than Sixx herself?

Luckily for us, she was all too willing to reveal her secrets for turning the most important room in your home into more than just a space to catch some ZZZ’s. Exclusively for FOX News Magazine, here are Sixx’s six tips for making your bedroom look like the captivating, alluring chamber of your dreams:

#1. Message in a Mirror

Transform your bedroom mirror into a flirtatious message board and leave unexpected love notes and romantic suggestions to each other. An oversized mirror is super sexy on its own, so take it up a notch by penning a letter to your love.

DIY Project

  • This one is simple. Using pink or red lipstick (maybe your favorite shade of a less expensive drugstore brand) or paint pens, write messages, romantic song lyrics, poetry, or just a heart or an "xo."
  • When the mirror gets too covered in sweet talk, wipe away with glass cleaner and a soft towel. 
  • #2. Mood Lighting

    Lighting is an important mood-setter, and candlelight is the ultimate in romance. I recently found out that jewel tones, like deep blues, greens, reds and ambers, are known to emit sensuality, so look for inexpensive bottles (I found these at Home Goods) to hold long tapered and aromatic candles. They will also give a nice glow to your space.

    DIY Project

  • Select a collection of bottles in different colors, shapes and sizes — just be sure that the opening can accommodate the candles you will use.
  • If necessary, take a match or lighter to the bottom of each candle to slightly melt the wax to help the candle stay put in the bottle neck.
  • #3. Late-Night Bite

    There aren't many things sexier than pillow talk. Create a pre-cursor to any sultry conversation by making a nighly habit (or at least a weekly one) of giving your bedroom a turn-down service. Leave love notes or decadent chocolates, like these red lips with letters that spell out MWAH (above). My favorites are from luxe confectioner Maggie Louise, who is a Hollywood celeb favorite.

    #4. A Sexy Read

    A bed isn’t the only place for cushy romance. Create a cuddly reading nook complete with a tray (for easy mobility) piled with pretty and romantic books. The tray can also do double duty as a serving vessel for the most romantic of all meals: breakfast in bed.

    For breakfast in bed, I like to use china by Indigo Seas, which is also used at L.A. hot-spot The Ivy during Sunday brunches. These are certain to impress any beau!

    #5. Steamy Art

    Capture private moments — or at least hot shots of one or both of you — and turn them into black and white art, either as a gallery on a wall or as a smattering of smaller frames arranged on the nightstand.

    DIY Project

  • Choose as many shots as necessary to create your arrangement, and print, or have pictures printed, on photo paper. To create a wall gallery, enlarge images to varying sizes from 6x9 to 8x10 and 11x14. Look for a selection of complementary frames with mattes (or the same frames).
  • Play with the arrangements before hanging. Cut up some craft paper to mirror all the frame sizes, and tape them to the with painter’s tape. Hammer picture hangers into the wall through the mock-ups and then gently tear papers away before hanging the pictures.
  • For nightstand arrangement, simply place print-outs into frames and set them out however you like.
  • #6. Velvet Headboard

    Give your bedroom a sexy facelift with this luxurious, simple, and decadent headboard. Basically, you're just substitute your ordinary headboard with custom wall panels that give the illusion of a headboard, and it doesn't take a lot of time or cash. This is a go-to trick from my favorite hotel in Paris, the Hotel Plaza Athénée. You can take this headboard all the way up to your ceiling or keep it a little lower depending on your preference and the height of your bed.

    DIY Project

  • Measure the width of your bed.
  • Head to Home Depot and shell out for one to two sheets of plywood, depending on how high you want to take your faux headboard. Have the nice people at the store cut each panel to the width of your bed and 18 inches in height. (You should get a few panels from each sheet of plywood.)
  • Pick out your favorite fabric. Crushed velvet is amazing for this project! Joann’s Fabrics is always a must for me, just be sure to log onto their app first for all of their weekly coupons before you purchase your fabric — this will save you big bucks.
  • Purchase batting, also available at Joann’s Fabrics. This will live in between the wood and the fabric, giving it body.
  • Place your fabric face-down on a clean surface. Lay the batting on top of your fabric. One at a time, place each piece of wood on top of your materials and cut, leaving 3 inches around all four sides.
  • Wrap each piece of wood with batting first and then fabric, like you would a present. Pay attention to the corners and pull it tight to secure everything into place. Once smooth, use a staple gun to secure the fabric to back corners of each panel.
  • Secure the panels to your wall with nails or screws (starting with the bottom panel if you're not planning to reach the ceiling, and the top panel if you are). Stacking each panel above (or below) the next, working your way up or down the wall. (Make sure to use a level to keep everything straight and even.)