Dead Puerto Rico gangster propped up during wake playing dominoes, holding condom


A grieving mother of an alleged gangster in Puerto Rico had her dead son propped up in her bar to play one last game of dominos.

Pictures show the late 23-year old Jomar Aguayo Collazo sitting at a table inside his mother's bar and dressed in a blue and white tracksuit with matching hat and sunglasses. In one hand, the corpse holds a domino and in the other a condom.

Aguayo Collazo and two other alleged gang members were shot dead inside his mother's bar in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico just days before as he celebrated his birthday. Police purportedly found a gun on Aguayo Collazo following what is being described as a drug-related shooting.

Before his funeral, the gangster's mother wanted her son to be able to "play" a game of dominoes and have a drink one last time so she enlisted the help of a local funeral home that specializes in these type of embalming techniques. Along with dressing Aguayo Collazo in his tracksuit, he was also wearing a gold chain and fresh white sneakers.

Photos show the corpse bowing over the dominoes table as mourners take turns sitting next to him or dancing to the music on the nearby jukebox. In one photo, his mother is kissing him on the cheek.

The macabre trend of propping up corpses in different positions for wakes has become popular throughout Puerto Rico with reports of wakes for a man dressed as The Green Lantern, a Che Guevara look-alike holding a Cuban cigar, a boxer standing in the corner of a ring and even a grandmother sitting in her favorite rocking chair wearing her old wedding dress.

"I think this is a media fueled morbidity. More than look at a corpse, people want to see it in action, posed or in some place, as if it were alive," Larissa Vazquez, Multi-Media Editor for El Nuevo Dia, the newspaper of record of Puerto Rico, told Fox News Latino recently. "It is the reality show of death. I keep on looking at you even in death. And to expose yourself like this is a form of exhibitionism. It is a spectacle, everything is planned, it seeks to create and manipulate emotions."

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