Mexican version of Miss BumBum competition now seeking 'aesthetic behinds'



If you haven’t got your fill of the large-bottomed women in Brazil’s Miss BumBum contest – and who could blame you? – then cast your eyes toward Mexico, where a select group of gorgeous Mexicanas will flaunt their well-shaped tushes for that country’s own version of the notorious pageant.

But don't expect the Mexican version to be a mere copy of the original.

"In Brazil, they look for biggest butt. What we look for is for a cute woman with charisma, who is social and has an aesthetic behind," said Fabiola Zamora, a spokeswoman for the event. "We are emphasizing beauty."

Mexico’s version of the Miss BumBum contest is open to any woman born in Mexico who sends in a full-body photo and is willing to put her booty on display. The organizers of the contest will accept submissions up until Dec. 31, and from this field the public will choose 20 women who will move forward with their bare behinds.

A winner will be chosen on Jan. 30 of next year.

"We don't want to be pigeonholed with one type of woman," said Alberto González, a spokesman for the show. "We want any type of woman to participate. We think it will be an excellent opportunity to take them into other platforms, where they will have a lot of exposure. We think that one million pesos" – about $70,000 – "will be very attractive, and we have four judges, who are a surprise."

The Mexican version of the contest actually has been in the planning stages for four years, ever since its organizers visited Brazil to buy the rights for the contest.

The organizers also have stated that they want this to be a positive experience for the women who compete, and they are also working with organizations that support women in vulnerable situations.

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