350-Pound Blue Marlin Jumps Aboard Fishing Boat

A group of Florida fishermen didn’t even have to throw out a line to get their biggest catch of the day.

While the group was fishing off the coast of the Dominican Republic, a 350-pound blue marlin jumped on board the deck of their boat.

Once the giant fish was on board, the crew struggled to reel it in, with the marlin’s spear-like snout almost taking out one of them.

As one fisherman filmed the entire ordeal, the rest struggled to somehow release the marlin back into the water.

Unfortunately, the fledging fish died before he could be put back into the sea from “self-sustained” injuries, ABC 15 reported.

Instead of dumping the fish carcass back into the water, the group decided to give the mantle worthy sized catch to some local fishermen.

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