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The Property Brothers: Hiring a Realtor or Contractor

The Property Brothers tell us how to find the best contractor and real estate agent without breaking a sweat.


The Property Brothers aren't just taking on more home dilemmas — they're also taking on more airtime with their new series "Brother vs. Brother" on HGTV.

The show pits the identical twins against each other as they renovate two homes from start to finish while mentoring aspiring contractors.

We sat down with our favorite identical twins to ask them about the logistics of hiring a contractor or real estate agent.

What should we know before picking up the phone and bringing on someone to tackle the dirty work?

"Before you bring on a contractor or Realtor, know what your budget is," says Jonathan. He also points out that you want to take into consideration any major life changes — such as having a baby — in which your life could become more expensive. "Make sure you're making those accommodations for your budget."

You also want to hire a legitimate contractor. Jonathan suggests finding someone who has set their business up like a business and not as a side job. Look for someone who can do warranty work, has professional affiliations, is bonded and insured.

"Do your research," says Drew. He suggests checking out the Better Business Bureau, and talking to friends and family. Also, he advises interviewing a few contractors before settling on one. "You never want to hire the first one that comes along, or the most inexpensive. You have to see what they're doing, and what the quality of the finished work is like."

Finally, be the boss. Realtor or contractor, they're working for you. "Find someone who works at your pace," says Jonathan. "If you're a first-time home buyer, you want someone who will sit back and make you feel comfortable asking questions." In other words, avoid real estate agents that are too pushy.

Watch the video above to find out more.