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Adventure Getaways Offer a Weekend Vacation Like No Other

Georgia Pellegrini offers a vacation experience like no other.


Looking to plan a fun weekend getaway or bachelorette party that's not your typical spa retreat? How about an Adventure Getaway, where you can practice yoga in the morning, hunt pheasants in the afternoon and sip fine wine in the evening?

"The Adventure Getaways are a chance for people to travel to different parts of the country and experience new adventures with other like-minded people," explains Georgia Pellegrini, the entrepreneurial chef who hosts the vacation packages. "Each one is unique, so you're never going to have the same experience from one to the next," she adds.

Pellegrini, who has been described as a mix of Carrie Bradshaw and Annie Oakley, plans every Adventure Getaway with a mix of fun outdoor activities sandwiched between "creature comforts" like fine dining and accommodations.

Participants frequently enjoy hunting, fishing, horseback riding and clay shooting along with cooking classes and massages, if they desire.

"We have people from all over the country, especially New York City, we have accountants, we have lawyers, people from Chicago, from San Francisco. They're just looking for a way to step off the grid for the weekend," she says of her clientele.

Pellegrini also plans some of her trips around a theme, such as her bacon-themed retreat, or her couples' getaway weekend.

To see photos from Pellegrini's Adventure Getaways, watch the video above. Then, head to for more information.