Social Media Helps Overcome Social Anxiety

I read often that social media is killing relationships and genuine social interactions. I disagree. For me, social media has opened doors to a whole new world of friendships with like-minded people. You see, I used to suffer from social anxiety, and the mere idea of face to face interactions was debilitating and paralyzing to me.

As a child at school, I shied away from other kids. I was extremely self-conscious; a loner. In kindergarten I sought out my older sister, squealing to get into her classroom, as she brought me a sense of security. I had a nagging feeling of inadequacy, and a constant fear that I would be left out, laughed at and ultimately, abandoned. I figured that the best way to avoid rejection was to stay away from others emotionally. While this may have somehow worked for me as a kid, it was a major hindrance in adulthood. But even when I discovered that my symptoms had a name, knowing it and even seeking therapy did not help me overcome it. Then, along came social media and with it, a safe way for me to reach out.

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