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5 Natural Recipes For Cleaning, Polishing, and Restoring Wood


Those beloved-but-worn salad bowls?

The slightly scratched teak table you scored at an antique fair?

Your 90-year-old wood floors?

Make them shiny and new with one of these simple wood cleaning recipes (chances are you can make one with ingredients you already own.)

  • Two common salad dressing ingredients make up the basis of this easy wood polish from Planet Forward
  • Toymaker Amber Dusick shares the beeswax wood polish recipe she uses on her handmade toys. 
  • Make your floors looks shiny and new for spring with this basic floor cleaner from Organic Authority
  • Restore aged, worn wood with this heavy duty polish from The Pistachio Project
  • Want a recipe that works and makes your home smell wonderful? Try this essential cleaner from A Bowl Full of Lemons.