Women Rally Behind Makeup-Free Barbie Created By Mexican Graphic Artist

  • Eddi Aguirre

     (Eddi Aguirre)

  • Eddi Aguirre

     (Eddi Aguirre)

With her lacquered lashes and glossy lips, the Barbie doll has always been the picture of perfection.

And while the doll has had her fair share of makeovers, this is the first time Barbie has had a 'makeunder' since she emerged on the scene in 1959.

Images created by a Mexican graphic artist that recently hit the web stateside have fueled numerous debates as of late.

Around two and a half years ago, graphic artist Eddi Aguirre Cendejaz was approached with the idea of a project that would involve stripping away the toy’s beautiful veneer.

In an interview with Fox News Latino, Cendejaz explained the images originally started as a project for Revista Nueva, a Mexican entertainment magazine.

The publication was looking to strip away the made-up look of some of the images of the country’s most famous telenovela stars and wanted to give Cendejaz a test run project before hiring him for the job.

Thus Cendejaz was given the task of creating a makeup-free Barbie.

The magazine published the images in 2010 and about a year ago Cendejaz put them on his own personal website, which led to the images being discovered by media outlets across the world.

“It is very cool to see my designs everywhere,” Cendejaz said in Spanish to Fox News Latino.

“I never thought I was going to have the success it has on social media.”

While Cendejaz pointed out that “Barbie has always been an icon of the perfect woman,” he said he was amazed at the response these images have garnered in the female community.

“I love to receive calls from regular women that can relate to these images,” he said to Fox News Latino.

Cendejaz created two separate images that show not only Barbie makeup-free but also with a normal woman’s body.

In first image, a facial close up, Barbie is seen with frizzy hair, bags under her eyes, freckles, and even braces on her yellowed teeth.

In a separate image, Barbie’s body is altered to imitate the curvaceous figures of real women.

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