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How to Make a Photo Booth at Home


 (Playful Learning)

No party is as fun without photos to document it. And since most of your guests will be Instagramming the night away anyway, why not give them their own platform?

Yes, we're talking about a photo booth. And no, they're not difficult to make.

Playful Learning Creator Mariah Bruehl put one together for her daughter’s birthday and we’re using her work as our inspiration:

Find a Back Drop

The first thing every photo booth needs is a snazzy back drop. To save money and time, consider using the new shower curtain, festive wrapping paper or a sheet that's too small for your bed.  If you would  rather keep things simple, use an open wall in your house or the fence in your backyard. Anything can work. The key is being creative with what you have.

Get Props

Once you have the perfect back drop, stock up on your props.  Don't have any on hand? Head over to the dollar store for some wallet-friendly options…or just raid the house. My favorites include chalkboards, empty frames, tiaras, masquerade masks, or oversized glasses. As an alternative, make your own props, which is also a great way to get the kids involved.

Set It Up

When you’re ready, grab a camera and a tripod. Don’t have either? No problem. Do as Mariah did and use your computer’s camera by setting it on a table of the correct height.

Snap Away

If you don’t want to put someone in charge of taking all your photos, you can use a remote or program a timer on your computer or camera. If you have a photo printer, put it to work and instantly print your pictures from the comfort of home. If not, it’s always fun for your friends to see the images after the party and it's also an excuse to host another get-together.