Buenos Aires to Retire Century-Old Subway Cars

Say goodbye to the wooden subway cars on the Buenos Aires subway’s A-line and hello to the Chinese-made rolling stock.

It’s no wonder some people in the Argentine capital are feeling nostalgic.

The 90 Belgian cars began rolling in 1913 on Latin America's first subway line. And they are the oldest subway cars still operating in the world, carrying 160,000 passengers on the line daily.

The old cars still attract tourists, but they've become increasingly difficult to maintain. Mayor Mauricio Macri says they're unsafe and must be replaced.

That saddens Aquilino Gonzalez Podesta, founder of the Friends of the Subway. He agrees the historic cars must go, but wonders why it can't wait until after the line's centennial in 11 months.

In his words, "There are some sentimental questions that overrule logic."

Based on reporting by the Associated Press.

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