Hispanic Heritage Month: Psychic Investigator Dedicated to Finding Your Happiness

FRANCES FOX and dolphins at Mami Seaquarium March 24,06

FRANCES FOX and dolphins at Mami Seaquarium March 24,06  (carlos llano photography)

Frances Fox is a renowned psychic investigator with telepathic abilities to read a person’s environment and energy. She communicates with animals and yes, she can also see dead people.  

She has the gift of seeing and feeling the things that may be keeping people from achieving their most desired intentions. 

Whether it’s the way your house is arranged or because your spirit is not at ease, Fox has developed methods of helping people out of what she says can be their pure misery.

I’m able to see sickness as it travels through the body. My mission is to diminish human misery. We’re miserable because we don’t know what’s causing it.

- Frances Fox

Featured on CNN en Espanol this year and a regular guest on news shows like Caso Cerrado, Despierta America, Primer Impacto, and Al Rojo Vivo, the self-described cultural Cuban says her most painful memory and the one she refers to as the moment when she knew she had the gift. 

It was when as a teenager she was holding someone’s toddler and she had to tell them their baby would be blind.

Within weeks the child was diagnosed. “I’m able to see sickness as it travels through the body. My mission is to diminish human misery. We’re miserable because we don’t know what’s causing it,” Fox says.

The first place Fox starts is in people’s homes. She believes our environments are a major block to our happiness. Similar to Feng Shui, Fox says our homes need to be energetically in order and purified. 

Using her gift to see what in people's houses (meaning the way they arrange furniture or the over-use of electronic equipment) or their own unsettled spirits, she's helping them re-order their lives to unblock their desires.  

"It's my obligation and intention to help people be happy getting them to change the things that block that," Fox says.

She refers to the Hopi Indians who’ve said this period in our world’s history is the last chapter before a new one emerges. Not unlike what many have interpreted the Mayans as saying about “the end of the world as we know it”. 

Fox says when the energy in our homes is not pure, room is made for “Miasms,” or negative and depressing energies that can live in our homes and reflect badly in our lives. Fox actually sees these Miasms as dark clouds hanging over our homes.  

Fox has also invented a kind of yoga she calls “Kundalini Up”.  As described on her website the, Fox Kundalini Mental Yoga is to train your consciousness to voluntarily work through the blocks to your Kundalini Rising and your conscious union with God. 

There are steps to follow that include meditation, visualization, holding your hands in a certain way, and mantras to be repeated. All together, the steps are meant to stabilize our energies and prepare us for a life of happiness and the ability to achieve our greatest desires.

Fox also talks with animals. Last year, Discovery Channels’ Animal Planet produced and aired a segment featuring Frances’ work with Dolphins. In her book, The Gods Speak: Dolphin Wisdom Revealed, Fox says the dolphins told her among other things that, “churches and other institutions will collapse. People haven’t developed their spiritual lives, as they should. And sex doesn’t mean commitment, it’s simply an energetic equivalent of love.”

If all of things Fox talks about are difficult to digest or understand, she says maybe it’s because somebody gave science more power than it deserves.  During a horrible storm in her hometown of Miami, her house was recently hit by lightning and her beloved peacock killed, but Fox looks at things through a unique lens.  

She says whatever happens to you needs to happen. She also says that Latinos have honored things centuries old and those beliefs have worked for them.  

“Anglos get embarrassed by things their science can’t explain,” Fox says.

Rebekah Sager is a writer and editor for She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @rebekah_sager.