Olympic Fashion: Games Not Just About Sports, Also About Hot Wardrobes

Every four years, we get this crazy idea that we can all be athletes. The Olympics has a way of inspiring us to move and try a new sport or at least look like athletes. Me, well I decided in some crazy conversation I had with my friends that I was going to join them in Niketown NYC runners club.

What got over me to say yes? I don't even like running all that much.

Then I remembered the feeling I got last week while at Nike-town. Yes! That was it, it was the sleek athletic gear that made me  think I could "Just do it."

The signs and pictures of the athletes were inspiring but the clothes well, that just sealed the deal. They were sleek with amazing colors and chic design. What really caught  my eye was the  Nike  Flyknit  Trainer. It is the color of a glow stick and as light as a feather. I could run like Lolo Jones with these beauties.

I started thinking of how fashion has become such an integral part of the Olympics. With big name like Stella McCarthy, Ralph Lauren and Georgio Armani designing uniforms for their home teams. Athletes are sure to look fashionable for opening ceremonies and metal stands.

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But Olympians don't only need to look good they need to perform exceptionally. Today, professional athletes need technology that helps them perform and look their best.

That is where Nike steps in with Nike ProTurbo Speed design and gives the USA track and field team a uniform that is beyond fashionable it is futuristic and performance enhancing

The fashion nerd in me gets all excited about the various fabric and design technology that is behind this athletic gear. Nike Pro Turbo Speed uniforms are designed for speed, comfort and to be environmentally friendly.

Using wind tunnel technology, the uniforms are made to be  up to the 0.023 seconds faster over 100m than Nike’s previous track uniform. They have also eliminated bulk by using an innovative flat smooth waistband and placing all elastics and finishes on the outside.

Strategic  color blocking design will  be visually appealing and help capture the movement of the athlete. My favorite part is they are environmentally friendly. The uniforms are made of fabric that uses an average of 82 % recycled polyester fabric and up to an average of 13 % recycled plastic bottles.

I always say dress the part and you will become that person. So I wonder if all this new workout gear will shave 0.023 seconds of my 10 minute mile? Who cares? I'm going to look great running Central Park!

Monica Diaz is a NYC fashion consultant, owner of MonicaDiazMode and the author of 7 Days To Style.

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