Fashion Checklist: What to Pack for Vacation

  • City Vacation Fashion Pieces

    City Vacation Fashion Pieces  (Monica Diaz)

This week I'm packing for a much-needed vacation. But I’m stressing about what to pack. Yes, even fashionistas like me have this dilemma.

So what does a girl do when she wants to pack everything for that just-in-case moment? I decided to follow my own advice and motto: "pack light and it will be all right."

There are a few essential pieces you need no matter where you vacation. The rest are fashion pieces depending on your destination.

Here are some essentials you need for any vacation:

• A great t-shirt that fits nicely and can be layered
• A white, cotton shirt that can be worn with any bottom
• A pair of comfortable jeans
• A pair of fantastic sunglasses
• A cozy scarf for the air conditioned areas, including the plane ride

I recommend my book “7 Days To Style.”

Now the No. 1 rule of smart wardrobing is to create a color story or two. How many color stories will all depend on how long your trip is. One color story per week is a rule I like to follow whenever I am traveling.

This allows you to mix and match and create different looks. Try working with 3 or 4 colors to keep it simple. For instance, you can do black and white with one pop color and another neutral or metallic.

Now let's talk destination because this will determine our fashion pieces.

My particular trip this month is to the Caribbean. It's all about sun, fun and swimwear! Let's be honest, when going to a beach resort we live 75 percent of the time in our swimsuit.

This means pack more than one swimsuit, plus a couple of beach cover-ups. Here are the ideal fashion pieces for a beach getaway:

• Bikini
• One-piece swim suit
• Cover up
• Sundress
• Shorts or skirt
• Two Great tops (one should be metallic to wear in the evening)
• Maxi dress
• Flat sandals
• High heel sandals
• Fabulous hat

If your vacation is a city destination then the list is slightly different. We are still packing the same essentials. Our fashion pieces change slightly depending on city climate and activities, but for the most part these are the ideal fashion pieces to add:

• Swimsuit
• Sundress
• Shorts
• Colored jeans
• Great top
• Maxi dress
• High heel sandals
• Flat sandals or walking shoes
• Fun top
• Cute hat

These pieces will be enough because you can mix and match and get the most of all your items. You will enjoy a stress-free vacation and look fabulously fashionable.

Oh I forgot to mention the one HUGE advantage about packing light. You now have room in your suitcase for all the great fashion pieces you will buy when on vacation!

"The lighter you pack and the more you can bring back" -- that's my second motto.

Pack light and enjoy your vacation!

Monica Diaz is a NYC fashion consultant, owner of MonicaDiazMode and the author of 7 Days To Style.

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