White Hot Fashion Trends for the Summer

With the official start of summer this week I can’t help but think of summer whites. The Spring/Summer 2012 runways were filled not only with full on color but also with all white stories.

Diddy started the “white party” trend and today everyone seems to be hosting a white party. This is the perfect excuse to try out an all white outfit. But before you do you need to know the basics of creating an all white look.

I have always been a white on white girl knowing that the look allows you to be a blank canvas where accessories create the look.

Here a few tips on how to pull off an all white look and create the look you want.

1. Don’t be afraid of wearing all white. No, it will not make you look fat.

2. Do mix different fabric textures and tones of white. You need to create depth with texture. The best way to do this is by mixing fabrics with interesting and contrasting textures. A heavy lace with a sheer cotton voile or a heavy denim with a beaded silk.

3. Pair your all white clothing with a neutral or metallic shoes, handbags and hats. This also creates interest so that you don’t look like you are a nurse.

4. Do add any of the new neon or pop color accessories that are on trend this season. They make the look fun and sporty.

5. When wearing sheer white clothing you can choose to layer with other white pieces or be bolder by wearing a bright color under your white layer.

6. Do not wear white items that are too tight. This will reveal every body flaw possible. That will make you look fat so don’t do it.

7. When wearing white keep your undergarments in skin tone shades. This works better than white undergarments.

8. If you plan to pair white with black make sure the black pieces have a bold clean architectural design. This gives the look modern and on trend.  

9. Do pair your white look with bronzed skin to create a Caribbean vacation look. Wear shimmering gold body cream on bronzed skin and keep your accessories gold to add more shimmer.

10. Not ready for all white? Try just wearing white accessories with a full on color, all black or neutral outfit. It will look fresh and updated.

11. Tennis whites are not exclusively for the tennis court. Look athletic with a white tennis dress off the court.

12. A crisp white fitted suit or dress with bright red lips and hair pulled back states a clean modern look.

Try hosting your own white party and have fun this summer!

Monica Diaz is a NYC fashion consultant, owner of MonicaDiazMode and the author of 7 Days To Style.

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