3 Ways to Scale Down Your Possessions

Do you really need that item or could you minimize?

It’s very easy to fill up rooms with promotional products, gifts and items you don't even remember where you picked up.

Recently, my family has started thinking about scaling our possessions down. This was not an easy decision. I’m that kind of person that will easily be emotionally attached to things, like a book my friend gave me when I was feeling sick or a photo frame that I haven’t used but was given to me at an invitation-only event… I could go on and on.

My husband is helping me through this process. We are making three piles per room: trash, donation and for sale items. For the for sale items we are using these three options:

1. Big items (stand-alone freezer, small furniture, electronics) These items are being listed on Craigslist. We are very specific and use a generic household email account used only for this activity. Once we have agreed on a price and had a phone conversation, my husband will meet with the buyer and finish the transaction. The freezer sold 10 minutes after it listed.

2. Cool items (electronics, brand name purses, collectibles) When we believe there’s money to be made by selling online, we do the research and list the items on eBay. This is our preferred way to sell our small electronics.

3. All other items go on to our yard sale. Our subdivision has a special day where the neighborhood can have yard sales. Otherwise we double check with our city to make sure we have our permits.

You’ll feel really good about scaling down and the extra dollars you collect could go toward your upcoming Memorial Day cookout!

Yoly Mason writes about frugality and savings tips and tricks in her popular Spanish written blog

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