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Adult-size Cozy Coupe hits the road

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     (Attitude Autos)

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     (Attitude Autos)

It may be bigger, but it’s still pretty cute.

A custom car shop in England has built a street-legal, motorized replica of the classic Little Tikes Cozy Coupe toy car, The Sunday Times reports.

Starting with a wrecked Daewoo Matiz (also sold as the Chevy Spark and itself a very tiny car,) the folks at Attitude Autos sawed it in half and shortened it, removed the rear doors, and reworked the body to look just like the original, down to its yellow roof and single driver’s side door, although it did retain the donor car’s two-abreast seating.

Powered by a 0.8-liter three-cylinder engine, the car has about 51 horsepower and is street legal, but after one trip on the highway, its creators say they’re in no hurry to do it again; not because the car drives poorly, but due to the fact that it attracts so much attention, they’re afraid it will cause an accident.

The ToyTown Coupe, as it has been dubbed, took over 1000 man-hours and cost nearly $60,000 to build. Attitude Autos currently rents it out for events and is happy to make more for customers, but also asks: “wouldn’t you like something a bit more individual? After all, one already exists!”

Are there any dream machines from your youth you’d like to see recreated for the road?

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