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Parker Brothers Boss Hunting Truck is ready for the big game

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     (Parker Brothers Concepts)

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     (Parker Brothers Concepts)

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     (Parker Brothers Concepts)

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     (Parker Brothers Concepts)

If you can’t bag that trophy you’ve been after in this, you are officially out of excuses.

Florida’s Parker Brothers Concepts is now offering The Boss, a Hummer H1 that’s been converted into the ultimate, exotic hunting truck.

Designed with African safaris, big game trips to Alaska, and falconing expeditions in the Arabian Desert in mind, The Boss is customized with bodywork straight out of a hunting video game set in the year 2025, complete with gull-wing doors, polygonal windshield, and roof that opens to provide a protected perch to spot and shoot targets from.

Six video cameras fitted to the exterior of the vehicle provide switchable live feeds to monitors located in the cabin that allow for stealthy stalking while you enjoy the comfort of the custom leather seats and interior trim. A full suite of communications and entertainment accessories are also fitted, along with winches front and rear, storage compartments and as many gun racks as you need.

Need more of an advantage over Mother Nature? The Boss is can be ordered with a helicopter drone for scouting and equipped with magnetic camouflage panels that can be changed to match the prevailing terrain.

Prices for The Boss start at $200,000, but go nuts with the options and you can run that up to $500,000. Pricey? Sure is, but try tracking a pride of lions in a Ferrari.

Actually, that sounds like it might be interesting.