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Ram "Man of Steel" Power Wagon revealed

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     (Ram Truck)

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He was adopted by farmers, after all.

Ram Truck has unveiled a special “Man of Steel” Power Wagon in conjunction with the upcoming Superman film of the same name.

The heavy duty pickup features dark blue/grey paint with anodized red accents and a patterned wrap as skin tight as Superman’s suit. A glossy black roof appears to be inspired by Clark’s always perfectly coiffed locks.

Superman crests can be found on all sides, as well as the interior, which is upholstered in pewter leather and mesh, another nod to Supe’s form-fitting duds.

The one-off, Hemi-powered off-roader will make its debut at the “Man of Steel” premiere in New York on June 10th, then tour the country promoting the film, which features a collection of new Ram and classic Dodge trucks.

There are no plans to offer the package on production vehicles, but the truck will be auctioned for a yet to be named charity later this year.

Superman doesn't really need it, now does he?