Zika virus sexually transmitted in Florida, officials say

The first sexually transmitted Zika case of 2017 has been confirmed in Pinellas County, Florida, according to health officials.

The Florida Department of Health made the announcement Tuesday. Health officials stressed there is no evidence that mosquitoes are transmitting Zika anywhere in the state.


The infected individual was diagnosed with Zika after having sexual contact with a partner who recently traveled to Cuba and was sick with symptoms of the virus.

The name and sex of the person infected were not disclosed.

The department stressed that Zika can be transmitted sexually and to take precautions if you or your partner are traveling to a location where the Zika virus is active.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has previously confirmed cases of the Zika virus that were sexually transmitted.

The confirmation brings the total number of Zika viruses in Florida this year to 118.