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Watching Dallas Cowboys soothes newborn baby girl

baby soothed by cowboys fox 4 news

 (Fox 4 News)

Any parent knows soothing a crying newborn can be a challenge, if not an art.  But one Texas family has discovered an unexpected trick for calming their baby girl: letting her watch the Dallas Cowboys play.

Fox 4 News reported 3-month old Lola Catron, who has undergone two heart surgeries, prefers footage of the NFL team to traditional toys or even movies other girls her age like.

“So we have been watching football for the past four days,” Lola’s mom, Laura, told the news station. “Much like parents feel with ‘Frozen,’ that's how I am with Cowboys games right now."

Lola’s dad, Bryan, said the soothing effect of the games is “instantaneous.” That holds true whether it’s streaming from the Catrons’ laptop or cellphone.

"I don't know if it's the whistles that does it, but something does it, so that's pretty awesome,” Bryan told Fox 4.

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That’s all well and good for the Catrons— except for one thing: They’re Broncos fans. But for Lola, only the Cowboys will do.

“I put the [Pittsburgh] Steelers on, and she started crying,” Laura told the news station. “I put [the] Cleveland [Browns] on, and she started crying."

However, Laura said supporting another team to see her baby happy is worth it.

"I'm sure there's other explanations for it,” Laura told Fox 4.  “But for right now, it keeps her happy and calm during a really stressful situation. And so I'm gonna let down my ties and support the Cowboys as they keep my daughter calm."