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Georgia teen gives up homecoming crown for special needs friend

(Fox 5 Atlanta/Krissy West)

(Fox 5 Atlanta/Krissy West)

Winning a spot on the Homecoming Court is many a high school students’ dream, but one Georgia teenager acted like a true queen when she gave up her crown to a deserving friend.

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Kyla Chang, a senior McEachern High School in Powder Springs, was crowned queen at the homecoming game and immediately handed over the crown to her classmate, Tyersten Kimber, Fox 5 Atlanta reported. Chang and the rest of the homecoming court had previously agreed the winner would share her crown with Kimber.

A video of the moment captured the crowd’s cheers.

Kimber, the captain of the school’s cheerleading squad, was born prematurely at 1 pound, 11 ounces. Her biological mother gave her up after she was unable to handle Kimber’s many medical issues, but a NICU nurse who cared for Kimber during her 14-month stay in the hospital decided to adopt her.

When the nurse, Mary, brought the girl home to her husband and sat her in his lap, Kimber grabbed his finger and the rest was history, she told Fox 5 Atlanta.