Woman gets estranged husband barred from attending their child's birth


It’s his kid — but he’s legally barred from attending the birth.

In a first-of-its-kind case in the state, a pregnant Staten Island nurse has won the right to ban her estranged husband from the delivery room for the upcoming birth of their child.

“It basically boils down to it’s not about him, it’s about me,’’ Brianne Stoffer Tagliarini, 35, told The Post Thursday, four days past her due date for the couple’s third child.

“I don’t feel he should have the right to be in the room when I’m in my most vulnerable state, seeing me in pain and seeing me uncomfortable.’’

But husband Eric Tagliarini, a 37-year-old Con Ed worker, said witnessing his child’s birth should be his basic right.

“I want to be in the delivery room. I’m a full-time dad; I’m not a part-time dad,’’ he said.

“When the verdict came down, I was beside myself,” he told The Post.

Brianne had sought the emergency order Sept. 2 to prevent her husband of four years from being in the room during her labor.

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