After he was left missing his left hind leg, a dog named Bravery inspired a huge outpouring of compassion in Atlanta.

The exact cause of Bravery’s missing limb is unknown, said animal rescue group Angels Among Us, who speculated he may have gotten stuck in an animal trap. Toccoa-Stephens County Animal Control found the dog tangled in bushes, with only exposed bone left for his left hind leg.  A veterinary surgeon amputated what was left of his leg.

“The quickest thing I could say is that it would take your breath away. It was truly devastating,” Linda Diack with Angels Among Us, told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Angels Among Us posted Bravery’s story on their Facebook page where it was liked by over 3,200 people.

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“The donations were actually overwhelming,” Diack told Fox 5. “We received over $19,000 and not only helps save him, but helps to save so many animals with angels among us.”

Bravery needs to recover more before he can be put up for adoption by Angels Among Us.