North Carolina woman gives birth to rare identical triplets

NC identical triplets

 (Fox 8)

A North Carolina woman recently welcomed three identical girls that she and her husband conceived naturally— a one in 1 million chance.

Fox 8 reported that Kimberly Fradel and her husband, Gavin Fradel, have resorted to painting the girls’ toenails different colors to tell them apart. The Fradel girls— Grace, Stella and Emily— look exactly alike except for an identical birthmark placed differently on each of their tiny bodies.

Conceiving triplets came as a surprise to the Wake Forest couple, who also have a 2-year-old son, Gavin Jr., with Down syndrome.

Kimberly learned she was carrying three rather than only one child during her eight-week ultrasound.

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“I almost fell off the table,” she told the news station.

“Once we got over the initial shock and we received so much love from people, and I had a very supportive employer who, we both have had very encouraging employment situations, that we just felt like, ‘OK we can do this,’” Kimberly told the news station. “We’re not doing it by ourselves. We’re doing it with the community, and a community of people who love us, love our children, and the support has just made it OK.”