It turns out it's tough to 'disrupt' childbirth

Cutting the high cost and heartache of in-vitro fertilization isn’t as easy as Silicon Valley thought.

Progyny, a startup that bills itself as “the Uber of fertility” as it touts new tactics and technologies to democratize the $10 billion-a-year IVF industry, has been forced to flip its strategy over the past six months in a bid to keep itself alive — and on the right side of health regulators, according to an investigation by The Post.

The New York company is angling to bring the joy of childbirth to millions of American couples by creating a national network of IVF clinics to lower the price of assisted reproductive technology, or ART, which now costs up to $24,000 a cycle.

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Hospital bills can dwarf that figure, Progyny notes, and it can slash them by pushing fresh technologies that increase success rates while reducing costly multiple births.

But Progyny has run into stiff headwinds from the medical community.

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