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Young girl who’s battled 3 brain tumors hopes to meet Taylor Swift



A young Missouri girl who has been battling brain cancer since she was 23-months-old says her number one wish is to meet her idol, Taylor Swift, Fox4KC reported.

Jordan Overcast, 7, was initially diagnosed with an ependymoma, a malignant tumor embedded in her brain stem. During her first surgery, doctors were only able to remove 75 percent of the tumor because the remainder was too dangerous to remove.

“From that day on Jordan was pretty much bedridden and really couldn’t do much of anything but cry from the pain,” her grandmother, Donna, told Fox4KC.

Doctors didn’t expect Jordan to make it to her fifth birthday, but she fought to heal through chemotherapy, radiation— and another tumor on her brain stem.  The second tumor stabilized after treatment and though she was not in remission, she had stabilized— right before her fifth birthday.

A little over two years later, a routine brain scan showed another tumor growing in the middle of Jordan’s brain. On May 12, she underwent what her family hopes is her last fight against cancer with another brain surgery and on August 3, she finished her last radiation treatment.

Jordan keeps her spirits up with the support of her family and friends and by listening to Taylor Swift songs. When she’s well enough, she performs the songs in her family’s living room, telling cancer, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with Swift’s 2012 hit.

Swift will be performing in Kansas City, Missouri on September 21 and Jordan will be in attendance, courtesy of tickets donated by a family friend. According to Fox4KC, she hopes she’ll be healthy enough to go and enjoy what she says will be “the best day.”

Jordan’s supporters are using social media to help her meet Swift, sharing her story with the hashtag #TaylorMeetJordan.

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