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Baby girl shares New Year’s Day birthday with parents

Fox 8 Cleveland

 (Fox 8 Cleveland)

Jan. 1 not only marks the start of a new year— it’s also the birthday for all three members of one Cleveland family.

Autumn Stover was born New Year’s Day morning at University Hospitals in Cleveland, and she now shares the birthday with her mother and father, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

“I knew she was coming today,” Autumn’s mother, Qiana, said, adding that her daughter’s birth was a blessing.

Originally, Autumn was due Jan. 10.

“I can look at it like, ‘I share a birthday with two beautiful women that I love so much, my daughter and my wife.’ And our daughter can look at it as … ‘I share the same birthday as my parents on New Year’s Day,’” Autumn’s father, Raheem, told Fox 8.

According to the news channel, the odds of a child being born on both parents’ birthday are one in 48 million.

A New Year’s Day birthday has always been special for Raheem, and now he says it is even more so.

“Now for all of us to be blessed with a beautiful baby girl on our birthday, I think we are all special,” he told Fox 8.

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