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Dog sneaks onto ambulance to be close to owner

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A team of EMTs discovered a surprise visitor on their ambulance while tending to a Texas patient, reported.

Buddy, a 40-pound Beagle mix, reportedly leapt onto the small side step of a Mason County ambulance shortly after EMTs transported his owner, JR Nicholson, onboard. Nicholson, 85, had reported dizziness and was admitted to the emergency room.

One of the EMTs told the Standard-Times that they had no choice but to bring the dog into the ambulance and hospital.

Buddy apparently just wanted to be close to his owner.

Nicholson, whom doctors discharged from the ER on the same day, said he was impressed with his four-legged friend. According to, Nicholson had adopted Buddy from an animal shelter only four months ago.

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