New mom fights rare pregnancy-related cancer after giving birth to twins

Just minutes after giving birth to premature twins, an upstate New York mother was diagnosed with a rare, pregnancy-related cancer that has filled her body with tumors and lesions.

According to a report in, 26-year-old Jenna Hinman was 30 weeks pregnant when she started having difficulty breathing, prompting her husband, Brandon, to call 911.  She was then rushed to the hospital, where doctors realized she needed an emergency cesarean section.

There, Hinman gave birth to twin girls Kinleigh and Azlynn, who weighed approximately 3 pounds each.  The new mom caught a quick glimpse of her babies before they were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  But Hinman still struggled to breath properly, and she soon started coughing up blood.  

Along with her newborns, Hinman was transferred to Crouse Hospital, where she was placed in a medically induced coma.  It was there that doctors learned Hinman had been suffering from choriocarcinoma – a fast growing cancer that develops in a woman’s uterus during pregnancy.  While this form of cancer is often curable, Hinman’s cancer has been complicated by a chest and lung infection, which has caused her to bleed internally.

"Her lungs are so involved with [the] tumor that they don't work. And right now they're not working at all," Dr. Wiley Bunn, who has been monitoring Hinman at Crouse Hospital, told

Hinman is receiving heavy doses of chemotherapy and is hooked up to an ECMO machine that is performing the function of her lungs for her.  Brandon revealed that his wife’s condition has been “touch and go,” but he is holding out hope.

"My hope is that my wife stands up, holds my hand, we have the girls and we walk out of this hospital," Brandon Hinman, a sergeant in the U.S. Army at Fort Drum, told

Hinman’s family have started a “Go Fund Me” page to raise money for her treatment and a Facebook page titled “Prayers for Jenna” to keep people updated on her progress.

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