3 diagnosed with tuberculosis at Virginia high school

Three people have been diagnosed with tuberculosis at a Northern Virginia high school and health officials are investigating whether others were affected. 

According to, one person at Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield was diagnosed with the disease in December and two more cases were found in June. 

The school sent 1,900 letters to parents and faculty on June 17 advising of the diagnoses. An additional 430 letters were sent to parents of students whom Fairfax County health officials deemed to be in need of further testing. The letter did not specify how the three people diagnosed were connected to the school.

Tuberculosis is a viral disease that is usually spread from person to person by airborne droplets, such as through sneezing or coughing. Symptoms include a bad cough, chest pain, weight loss, chills and fever. 

The cases are believed to be isolated to Lee High School, located about 15 miles west of the nation's capital. 

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