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Do more chores for married men mean less sex?

Man in underwear ironing a womans dress - isolated

Man in underwear ironing a womans dress - isolated

Listen up, men.

Before you listen to your wife tell you doing more chores around the house will lead to more sex, read this.

A new study says men who spend more time taking care of ‘feminine’ household chores – like grocery shopping, cleaning or cooking – report having less sex than men who take care of traditional ‘masculine’ chores, HealthDay reported.

“While wives tend to be more satisfied with the marriage [when there aren't issues about housework], it doesn't translate to sex if the men help," said Julie Brines, an associate professor in the department of sociology at University of Washington in Seattle. “For women in traditional arrangements, the wives’ sexual satisfaction is greater. The wives are benefiting, too.”

The study suggests that while women may like having extra help around the house, the end result turns her husband into more of a ‘helpmate,’ than an object of sexual desire.

The study is published in the February issue of American Sociological Review. It looked at approximately 4,500 married couples in the U.S.

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