A group of male German soldiers are experiencing an extremely bizarre health ailment – growing unexpected new body parts.

The highly ranked military guards battalion, known for performing drill demonstrations at major events, are growing breasts on just one side of their bodies, Medical Daily reported.

The soldiers – part of the Wachbataillon unit – are suffering from a condition called one-sided gynecomastia, and it’s a result of how the soldiers are performing their drills.  Seventy-four percent of the soldiers have been diagnosed with gynecomastia, after complaining of growths on the left side of their bodies.

According to a medical report, the soldiers use their rifles to repeatedly slap the left side of their chests – which stimulates hormones on that side of the body.  As a result, breasts start to grow only on their left side.

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According to Medical Daily, only 211 people have been treated for the condition, 35 of whom belong to the Wachbataillon unit.

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