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Man files lawsuit claiming his teeth rotted after wearing braces for 11 years

Everyone yearns for straight teeth, but not if they all turn rotten.

Devin Bost, 22, of Portland, Ore., claims his straight teeth came at a rotten price. According to a $185,100 lawsuit filed on his behalf, Bost’s orthodontist, Brad Chvatal, treated him with braces for 11 years – causing serious tooth decay and periodontal disease due to his teeth being covered for so long, Oregon Live reported.

Bost’s attorney, David Hollander, claimed dental experts have told him that such a lengthy period of time for treatment is “just not done.”

Hollander also noted that some of Bost’s teeth will have to be pulled in order to be replaced with implants.  However, some teeth may not be able to be pulled because they have allegedly rotted through to the jaw.

Bost has racked up $35,000 in dental bills, because he had to seek the help of one of the nation’s top dentists in Boston to help fix the extensive damage, according to Hollander.

All of these allegations are denied by Chvatal, who said he could not have treated Bost until 2002 – when he became licensed as an orthodontist.  Chvatal has had his dentist’s license with the Oregon Board of Denistry since 1997. 

But, Bost alleges in the lawsuit he started seeing Chvatal in 1997 after another orthodontist installed his braces.  He then continued to see him periodically until 2008, when he got an urgent call from Chvatal’s office saying he needed to come in immediately to remove his braces.

However, according to Oregon Live, Hollander is still trying to sort out just how Bost was able to go through all of middle school and high school wearing braces, while Bost’s mother is a medical doctor.

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