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Umpire performs CPR on stadium worker

Jayne Powers

Jayne Powers  (MyFoxPhoenix)

A club seat server collapsed at Chase Field in Arizona Monday and was near death when an unlikely hero stepped in to save her, MyFoxPhoenix reported.

Major League Baseball (MLB) umpire Jim Joyce may have made the call of his life that saved a woman's life.

The incident happened 90 minutes before Monday night's Arizona Diamondback home game against the Miami Marlins.

The woman who collapsed credits Joyce with saving her life and she got thank him face to face Tuesday.

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The veteran umpire performed CPR on Jayne Powers, a club seat server, who collapsed after walking laps around the stadium -- something she always did before work.

"I went downstairs and was like God I feel dizzy and I just passed out," Powers said. "The people who were at the stadium told me I was literally turning blue."

Powers didn't have a previous medical condition, and she's still not sure what happened.

Powers is having a pacemaker put in Wednesday. She's expected to be released sometime next week.

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