Summer in Los Angeles: Top Juice Spots

Open Source Organics

Open Source Organics  (Rosie Acosta)

With the weather only getting hotter in Los Angeles, it’s all about staying hydrated and energized. Of course there are many ways of hydrating oneself, however when we are looking to keep our diet clean and healthy one must find the best spots. Los Angeles has a lot to offer; being a fitness hub… there is never a shortage of choices. 

In the last few months there has been a surge of new high quality and wellness oriented juice spots. For me, it is important to go to places that offer only the freshest and if possible locally grown fruits and vegetables. In my search, I have found a few that have toped the charts.

These are the top Juice bars in Los Angeles to quench your thirst and give you a duly deserved energy boost.

1. ReJuice: Has just made itself a new home in Santa Monica. Not only does it offer locally grown fresh pressed juices but there is also a menu for vegan food. They supply slow/cold pressed juices and offer take home sizes in a 1-liter refillable/reusable glass bottle. They have perfected their menu by keeping it simple; they offer the basics in their purest most wholesome forms. The Green #2 was by far the best, for an added kick try the lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper shot. (3238 Pico Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90405)

2. Open Source Organics (Food Truck): Priding themselves on their use of living foods, most commonly referred to “raw foods”. Open Source Organics serves the most high naturally packed nutritious juices including their popular Apple pucker, Beet and Carrot, and Hot Apple. The menu also offers power boosts and superfood charged smoothies. (You can this truck in front of the Trader Joe's on Vine in Hollywood. 1600 N Vine St 90028 We are typically there every single day from 8am-4pm)

3. Cafe Gratitude: Aside from being one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, Café Gratitude provides refreshing nourishment in the hip Larchmont Village. They also offer a detox juice cleanse. The  “I am wonderful” juice is made with Fresh watermelon juice topped with mint, their juices are filled with anti-oxidants to cleanse your body and energize you. If you are looking for more of a dessert smoothie, the “I am grace” coconut smoothie is guaranteed to not disappoint. (639 N Larchmont Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90004)

4. Liquid Juice Bar: It has wellness shots, fresh juices, and smoothies made with the freshest leafy greens. It is an ideal place to stop if your enjoying the shops on Melrose. Here you can get your needed energy boost and refreshment from their carrot, beet, orange, lime, and jalapeno juices. (8180 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90048 323-300-8070)

The quality of energy the body receives from a nice wholesome juice is unparallel. During the hot summer months, it feels so much better to have a beverage that gives you energy and is great for your overall wellbeing, who ever thought drinking vegetables and fruit would taste so good.

Rosie Acosta is a sunny California native of Mexican heritage, she writes about her passion for Yoga and Mexican Food. She transforms her grandmother's hearty recipes into organic healthy alternatives for a healthier lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter: @RosieAcosta FB: and visit her website

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